Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Please Just Sleep

I am writing this after a long week of trying to get my kids to sleep at night. It amazes me that no matter how obviously tired they are, the thought of sleeping to them is about as pleasant as going to the dentist. For me I am usually more then happy to jump in the sack.
We got back a week ago from visiting family in Massachusetts for the holidays. We live in California. And ever since we have arrived home Ryan is holding on to the East coast time. Refusing to let it go. This morning Ryan was so tired he throw probably three tantrums before I could deliver him to school.
I have tried many things to help Ryan sleep. He is probably one of the only kids with black out shades hanging from his windows. Even though the room is almost pitch black he always rises about 5 minutes after the sun does, no matter what time he went to bed at the night before. We also have an alarm clock in his room and told him that he has to wait in his room until the alarm clock rings. We set the clock to 6 am and he still will run into my room the second he wakes up. I will escort him back to his room and tell him to wait for the clock to ring.
Sleeping has been made worse since Ryan and Kate started sharing a room together. The two of them egg each other on and they will giggle as they wake me up repeatedly throughout the night.
It does not seem to matter how many toys I take away, how many times I explain to them to stay in their room, and how loud my voice gets.
I woke up this morning and told my kids what a great job they did sleeping in this morning, they did not wake me up until 5:30am. But when I got downstairs my mother told me they were opening and closing doors last night at about 4 am. I guess I was just too tired to hear them. So both of my children have been overtired and crying most of today. I guess I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions? Any helpful tips that helped keep your children in their bedroom?


  1. Meletonin worked some for us, it has gotten to the point now that Emma's doctor put her on a perscription (Trazadone) because she is concerned about her lack of REM sleep. Tonight will be our first night.
    We do have a very structured bedtime routine that does not change. Meds,bath, massage (her back is her favorite) 3stories a snuggle and lights out.
    We have the black out shade which I have no idea why! It was expensive and does NOTHING!
    2 other things that have really helped Em are a white noise machine and a weighted blanket. Before we had those it was pure insanity-now it still insanity but with some breaks!
    Good luck!

  2. It sounds like you guys have a lot of trouble at bedtime. I don't think the black out shade helps eithier. It puts me to sleep but not Ryan... We try to stick to a strict bedtime schedule too but we haven't tried the other things yet. Thanks for the suggestions, we will have to test some of them out.