Thursday, September 13, 2012

Excited to Introduce.......... Jack the Brave

I am so excited to be back on this blog. The truth is I have been busy with another project that I am thrilled to share with all of you. My Mom and I have co-wrote a series of children's books about Jack the Brave. Jack has sensory processing disorder and must be brave every day in order to experience his World. For the first book, Jack the Brave Conquers the Snow, Jack gets help from family members to join in and have fun in the snow. We hope our books will help encourage children with spd to be brave. We just okayed the final touches on the book and it should be available soon. This has been a project of love and we have been thrilled to see our idea become a reality. I know I could not be prouder of the final product.

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  1. Welcomee back! I can't wait to see the book!